LINK Healthcare receives approval for clindamycin

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LINK Healthcare receives generic approval for clindamycin hydrochloride 150 mg capsules

 Latest addition to LINK’s growing generic range of specialist medicines

 For the treatment of serious infections caused by susceptible bacteria

Sydney/Pretoria/Singapore/Tokyo/Hong Kong/Auckland: 12th August 2014


Specialist pharmaceutical and medical technologies business, LINK Healthcare (‘LINK’) announced today that it has received Australian marketing approval for its generic version of clindamycin hydrochloride 150 mg capsules.

Mr John Bacon, Chairman of LINK Healthcare said: “Our Business Development and Regulatory teams have delivered the fourth specialist generic product approval in two months. We are the first company outside the innovator to offer this product and we are looking forward to it joining our growing basket of products.”

About clindamycin hydrochloride 150 mg capsules

CLINDAMYCIN-LINK (clindamycin hydrochloride) capsules are indicated in the treatment of serious infections caused by susceptible anaerobic bacteria. CLINDAMYCIN-LINK capsules are also indicated in the treatment of serious infections due to susceptible strains of streptococci, pneumococci and staphylococci. Its use should be reserved for penicillin-allergic patients or other patients for whom, in the judgment of the physician, a penicillin is inappropriate.

Anaerobes: Serious respiratory tract infections such as empyema, anaerobic pneumonitis and lung abscess; serious skin and skin structure infections; septicaemia; intra-abdominal infections such as peritonitis and intra-abdominal abscess (typically resulting from anaerobic organisms resident in the normal gastrointestinal tract); infections of the female pelvis and genital tract such as endometritis, non-gonococcal tubo-ovarian abscess, pelvic cellulitis and post-surgical vaginal cuff infection.
Streptococci: Serious respiratory tract infections; serious skin and skin structure infections, septicaemia
Staphylococci: Serious respiratory tract infections; serious skin and skin structure infections; septicaemia; acute haematogenous osteomyelitis.
Pneumococci: Serious respiratory tract infections
Adjunctive Therapy: In the surgical treatment of chronic bone and joint infections due to susceptible organisms. Indicated surgical procedures should be performed in conjunction with antibiotic therapy.
Bacteriological studies should be performed to determine the causative organisms and their susceptibility to clindamycin.


About LINK Healthcare (Australia, New Zealand, Southern Africa, Singapore, Hong Kong & Japan)

LINK Healthcare is a privately owned specialist pharmaceutical and medical technologies business. LINK’s mission is to strive for excellence in the marketing of vitally important and unique range of specialists products that enhance the well-being of people throughout the regions of Australia, New Zealand, Asia and Southern Africa.

LINK provides exceptional regulatory, sales, marketing, customer service and supply chain infrastructure and is partnered with major blue chip pharmaceutical companies from around the world, allowing the company to offer a unique and substantial portfolio of ‘medicine that matters.’

LINK Healthcare has an extensive range of prescription pharmaceuticals in essential therapeutic areas including Allergy, Anaphylaxis, Analgesia/Anaesthesia, Anti-infective, Anti-retroviral, Cardiology, Endocrinology, ENT, Gastroenterology, Intensive care, Metabolic disease, Neurology, Oncology, Orphan Drugs, Palliative care, Psychiatry, Radiography, Transplantation and Toxicology.
In Australia and Southern Africa the group also commercialize a unique range of medical technology products focused in the specialist areas of advanced wound care, diabetes and point of care testing.

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