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Product Name Drug Name Intended use (Please refer to full product info) PI CMI IFU NEWS
Acetylcysteine-LINK Acetylcysteine Antidote for paracetamol poisoning. Acetylcysteine is indicated in the treatment of paracetamol overdose to protect against hepatotoxity. Download pdf Download pdf
Adrenaline-LINK Adrenaline (epinephrine) acid tartrate Adrenaline 1:10,000 – an adjunct in the management of cardiac arrest. Adrenaline 1:1,000 – emergency treatment of acute severe anaphylactic reactions, symptomatic relief of respiratory distress due to bronchospasm. Download pdf Download pdf
ALLMERCAP oral suspension Mercaptopurine Indicated for treatment of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (ALL) in paediatric patients Download pdf Download pdf
COLISTIN Link Colistimethate sodium For the treatment of acute or chronic infections due to sensitive strains of certain gram-negative bacilli. Clarification statement of the expression of Colistin Link Units – Download PDF Download pdf Download pdf
Dapsone Dapsone Dermatitis herpetiformis; leprosy; actinomycotic mycetoma. Download pdf Download pdf
Mysoline Primidone Management of grand mal and psychomotor (temporal lobe) epilepsy. It is also of value in the management of focal or Jacksonian seizures, myoclonic jerks and akinetic attacks. Download pdf Download pdf
Nardil Phenelzine For the treatment of major depression. Nardil Interaction with Foods – Download PDF Download pdf Download pdf
Natulan Procarbazine Treatment of Hodgkin’s disease (multiple lymphadenoma); treatment of other malignant lymphomas including lymphosarcoma, reticulosarcoma, Brill-Symmers disease. Download pdf Download pdf
Pentothal Thiopental Sodium Sole anaesthetic agent for brief surgical procedures, induction of anaesthesia prior to the administration of other anaesthetic agents, short-term control of convulsive states, supplement to regional anaesthesia or low potency agents such as nitrous oxide. Download pdf Download pdf
Pitressin Vasopressin Indicated for prevention and treatment of postoperative abdominal distention, in abdominal radiography, to dispel interfering gas shadows and in diabetes insipidus. Download pdf Download pdf
Temporary Medicine Shortage
Relistor Methylnaltrexone Indicated for the treatment of opioid-induced constipation in patients with advanced illness who are receiving palliative care when response to laxative therapy has not been sufficient. Download pdf Download pdf
Trexject Methotrexate Symptomatic control of severe, recalcitrant disabling psoriasis in adults which is not adequately responsive to other forms of treatment. Management of severe, recalcitrant active rheumatoid arthritis in adults not responding to, or intolerant of and adequate trial of NSAIDs and one or more disease modifying drugs (see WARNING box). Download pdf Download pdf
Zostrix Capsaicin May be useful as an adjunct in the temporary relief of pain associated with arthritis. May be useful for the treatment of post-herpetic neuralgia (pain following shingles). Download pdf Download pdf
Belzer UW® Cold Storage Solution Belzer UW is intended for the flushing and cold storage of kidney, liver and pancreas organs at the time of organ removal from the donor in preparation for storage, transportation and eventual transplantation into a recipient. Download pdf Download pdf Download pdf
Custodiol® HTK Solution Custodiol HTK is intended for organ preservation (heart, kidney, liver, lung, pancreas) together with venous or arterial segments. Download pdf Download pdf Download pdf